Aviva for men

An unconscious way of living and general features of modern civilisation can also be particularly hard on men. Endocrine glands diminish the hormonal production, which leads to the spreading of all sorts of unpleasant debilities.
More and more frequently, sperm vitality is decreasing and sterility can be the result.

Prostate problems and impotence have almost become commonplace. Next come depressions…

If the exercises for men are done regularly, sperm vitality and the number of living sperms are increasing rapidly.
Also, the problems mentioned above disappear.
The exercises have already made fatherhood possible for many men.

A wholesome nutrition rich in minerals and a lifestyle as stress-free as possible should be attempted; in combination with the Aviva exercises for men, a rejuvenating effect can be seen quickly.
Men practise the 18 exercises of the “basic method” and can achieve success more quickly with the specific exercises for men.