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Praxisbuch Aviva-Methode Band I
Aus dem Becken kommt die Kraft

Author: Beate Plangger
with additional chapters by Helene Roitinger, MMag. Dorothea Lübke and Arno Giebels

Price: 27.00 €; the price includes:

  • CD with exercise music
    • Vol 1 Original Vol 1
    • Vol 2 Instrumental Vol 2 (please choose)
  • Book
  • Practice sheet

Theoretical part:

  • Many valuable tips on pelvic health and help for self-help for both women and men
  • Desire to have children
  • History of the Aviva method
  • Personal review

Practical part:


CD Original Vol 1 (selected by Aviva Steiner)

Ü1Tijuana Taxi

Ü7 Obladi Oblada

Ü10 Summertime

CD Instrumental Vol 2

Ü1 Kick

Ü7 Kraftquelle

Ü10 Feder

Aviva book extract

published by A&B Plangger Verlag
ISBN : 978-3-200-04563-7