The method

“It is not in our power to change the laws of nature, but we
have the chance to influence

What can I expect from the Aviva method?

This method gives us the chance to influence the female menstrual cycle. Various medical conditions can be positively influenced or even dissolve.

Painful, irregular and heavy menstruation; absence of menstrual bleeding, cysts, myomas, tubal occlusions menopausal symptoms, incontinence, prostate problems… can be fixed by the exercises.

The hormonal balance is restored through regular exercises. Thus, health disorders dissolve and we can feel healthy, fit and young again.


The Aviva method offers the following exercise series:

  • The „basic method“
    These are the 18 classical basic techniques. If performed in one sequence, they take half an hour to complete. These exercises should be done twice a week in order to achieve the desired success.
    All further exercises are built upon these basic techniques, which is why it is recommended to always learn this “basic method” first.
  • The “short method”
    These are eleven exercises which only take 15 minutes if performed in one sequence. This means that the complete success can be achieved in only 15 minutes of practice time.
  • Exercises for ovulation
    In some cases, intensive stimulation of the ovaries is needed, as well as stretching and cleaning of the fallopian tubes; this is achieved with exercises for ovulation.
  • Exercises during pregnancy
    These activities help pregnant women to prepare consciously for childbirth.An essential part of the pregnancy exercises is to learn relaxed breathing.
  • Postnatal exercises
    After childbirth, it is important to regain control of the pelvic muscles; the postnatal exercises support this. Uterine prolapse and incontinence can thus be prevented easily.
  • Exercises to eliminate incontinence
    People affected by incontinence should definitely learn the “basic method”. Also, they should regularly perform the specific exercises to stop incontinence.
  • Exercises for men
    Men also practise the “basic method”; they can then learn the exercises specifically designed for them. They can practise at any time they want because the male hormonal system is not subject to large fluctuations, as opposed to the female. This means that men can even practise individual exercises several times a day.
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  • Selected exercises
    Sometimes it is recommendable to use the particular effects of individual exercises. If this is necessary, selected exercises can be practised on a daily basis. The Aviva teacher can help you find out which exercises you need.