Here you can read different reviews and experiences about the Aviva method.

Erika – only menstruated once within 2.5 years. After learning and practising the Aviva exercises on a regular basis, her menses came regularly.

Klara – due to a lack of progesterone, her menstruation was highly irregular. She practises the exercises twice a week and has had a normal period ever since.

Gabi –suffered from menstrual cramps so severe that she could only bear the pain with very strong medication. The pills caused heavy liver damage in the cause of the years. Then, removal of the uterus was recommended to her, which was out of the question. She learned the Aviva method and has since been liberated from her monthly pains.

Verena – also suffered from severe menstrual cramps. She learned the method and particularly practised selected exercises to get rid of the monthly pain. The following menstruation was painless already.

Margit – was over forty years old when the doctor diagnosed her with a cyst on the ovary. After two months of practice, the cyst disappeared.

Susanne – only got her menstruation about twice a year and had distinctive hair growth all over her body because of her disturbed hormone balance. She was a hopeless case for medicine. After several unsuccessful artificial inseminations, she was sent home with the diagnosis “infertile”. She learned the Aviva exercises, her last hope. The first change was that the loads of hair fell off her body and after that, she got her menstrual period again. However, she only had it for several months, because by then she was already pregnant. She is now a happy mother of three children.

Eva – was less bothered by her hot flushes than by the unpleasant growth of hair above her lips. Thanks to the exercises, she does not require hair removal anymore and also the hot flushes are a thing of the past.

Jana – learned the exercises because of her irregular menstruation. She enthusiastically tells us that she has already lost five kilos and that her cycle has also been normal since.

Anne –already had three pertubations; without success. She learned the exercises – now she is pregnant!

Veronika – suffered greatly from her hot flushes. From midnight on, she used to wriggle in bed and was even scared to death as a result of her high pulse rate. After three weeks of practice, she managed to sleep soundly through the night again.