Training in the German-speaking area

Aviva teacher training:
Management and training:

Beate Plangger
Languages: German and English
also possible in French and Italian

Registration & information:
Beate Plangger


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The completion of this training qualifies the trainee to independently hold Aviva courses and to teach this method.


Aviva teacher training programme

Foundation Course
Attendance in a four-hour basic course with an Aviva teacher
Autonomous continuation of the exercises: at least once a week over several months

Face-to-face interview

Basic training

  • The training is carried out in two blocks of four days each or in one block of eight days.
  • Contents: Aviva method plus basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology (with a focus on the pelvic area)

Exam preparation
Personal experience
Internalisation and consolidation
Teaching and recording of five sessions
Preparation of theoretical exam questions

Completion of training
Reinforcement of skills, final exam and diploma

Regular training meetings (only for teachers registered in the Aviva-Netzwerk)